There is strong evidence on the impact of home staging and why it works

Wealth Effect

Staged properties sell, on average, for up to 10% more than comparable non-staged properties,

Time on the market

Staged properties spend an average of 40 days on the market compared to 196 days for their non-staged counterparts (and avoids the financial costs, stress/anxiety and disruption generated when a house sits on the market for a long time)

Most buyers can’t visualise

Only 10% of house buyers can look past outdated, dis-organised and cluttered rooms. Staging ensures prospective buyers are presented with an “ideal” environment and not disheartened by things that are very easy to change.

First impressions count

Over 90% of buyers in the UK search for their new home on websites and will select the properties they wish to view from the photographs presented. Properties that are perfectly presented immediately stand out, create the right first impression and a desire/ excitement to view.

Home buyers buy with emotion

Although buyers start their property search with logic (i.e. location, number of rooms, distance to work/school etc) they buy with emotion.

You know whenever you walk into the right house that ‘this is it’. The aim of home staging is to help prospective buyers connect to the house on an emotional level and fall in love with it.

Staging works in a ‘slow’ and ‘buoyant’ property market

In a slow property market, it is vital to present your home in a way that motivates buyers to make an offer.

If the buyer is afraid someone else might snap up their “dream home” they will swiftly move on your property.

In a strong property market, the right presentation will make your house stand out from the competition, often leading to multiple offers and bidding wars.

Increasing demand

The huge audience for TV home makeover shows and increasing levels of spend on home magazines, reflects the increasing interest and demand for perfectly presented homes. The combination of property and property styling has real money making power – don’t underestimate it.

Modern Lifestyle are hectic

Few people live in ‘show ready’ households and many do not present their houses in a way that shows off the true potential of their property. This is true irrespective of income levels. Many houses haven’t been decorated because the owners have been too busy and in many cases people just have too much “stuff” and no proper place to store it. This gives perfectly presented properties a major advantage in the market place.

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