Limelight House and Dr Jennifer Anderson

Dr Jennifer Anderson is an economist by profession (BA Hons, MSc, PhD Economics) and the founder of Limelight House.


As well as having 18 years of experience working as an economist, she has an eye for beautiful interiors and is a certified UK Home Staging and Styling Professional and a graduate of the US Home Staging Business Graduate Programme (Staging Diva®).

Advice and Service

No matter what advice or service she offers – whether it’s providing economic advice to government ministers or private sector clients, or, to property owners investing in their properties – her mission is to help people maximise their resources and identify the most efficient, cost-effective and evidence-based solutions.

Study of the UK housing sector

After moving to Lancashire in 2011, Jennifer was commissioned by a private investment firm to conduct a study on the UK housing sector.

She was subsequently invited to act as its house buyer in the North West. This allowed Jennifer to combine her background in economics with her talent and passion for renovating, styling and transforming homes.

Property viewing expert

After viewing hundreds of homes, it was clear that many were being added to the market without being properly prepared for sale.

These properties sit on the market for long periods of time and even when they do sell, they tend to be sold at prices well below their true market value.

Genuinely intrigued as to why property owners would not want to maximise the value of their largest financial asset, she talked to property owners in all types of houses and in all different price brackets.

Making Your Property Appeal to Buyers

She identified the simple, low cost changes that could be made to the property and the difference this would make to the value and appeal of the property to target buyers.

Some owners just didn’t realise what potential buyers are looking for; others thought it was up to the buyers to make the changes and pay the costs, not realising the significant financial gains they could make if they made the changes themselves.

Limelight House provide the solution

Many owners realised that their property needed to be freshened up or decorated but didn’t have the time or didn’t know where to start.

What should they change and what they could they leave?

If they did redecorate, what colours should they use, who would do it, what would it cost?

Was it worth it?

The list of reasons and barriers were all valid and all easy to overcome.

This inspired Jennifer to launch Limelight House.

Property Advice that pays dividends

Jennifer now advises property owners on the changes they should make to their properties that are most likely to pay dividends and provides a comprehensive range of services to make the process as simple and easy as possible.

Dr Jennifer Anderson

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