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How much does it cost to stage my home for sale?

The cost to stage a home for sale can vary greatly.

A lot depends on the type of home, how soon you wish to sell, what price you are looking to achieve. It can be done for less than £1,000 up to many thousands.

When discussing with a home staging professional, be sure to explain your budget, your expectations and the time frame that you are looking to sell

How do I stage my home for sale?

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What is Property Presentation, Home Staging, House Styling?

These are all terms for the art of improving property to sell quickly and for the highest price.

It’s about making the most of the space available and highlighting the property’s best features so that it appeals to the widest range of potential buyers in the local property market.

In some cases, major transformations can be made by de-cluttering and rearranging the furniture that already exists in the house. In others it may involve repairs, redecorating, refreshing the kitchen and bathrooms, bringing in new furniture, accessories and art.

Most projects lie somewhere between these two examples

Most buyers can’t see past cluttered, unattractive or disorganized rooms or figure out how their furniture might look in an empty room.

Well executed property presentation creates the “dream home” environment for buyers so they don’t have to use their own imagination and can immediately fall in love with it.

Why does Home Staging boost the selling price of my home?

When looking for a new house, people start with a logical approach (location, price, number of bedrooms, distance to work/schools etc) but they buy with emotion and know in an instant “this is the one”.

If your home looks great and the buyer can immediately visualise themselves living in it, they are more likely to make an offer. In a slow property market, presentation becomes vital as you need to do something to motivate buyers to make an offer.

If the buyer is afraid someone else might snap up their “dream home” they will move in on your property quickly.

In a fast property market, property presentation is also key as it makes your property stand out. If there are enough buyers bidding on your home, the selling price can far exceed your asking price.

I can clean and declutter, why do I need a Home Stager?

Homes are like children; it is incredibly difficult to be objective about them.

A professional home stager has no emotional attachment to the home and can view your home with the eyes of a highly critical buyer.

A professional home stager can objectively assess how to make best use of what you already have, what needs to go and determine if anything else needs to be added. You may have been living there so long that there may be things you don’t even see anymore.

Have you stopped noticing that cracked tile in the kitchen floor or the marks on the wall next to the bin? Have you stopped caring that your once beautiful dining room now looks more a child’s playroom?

You may simply not have the time or patience to deal with all the details the way a professional home stager would.

Just the thought of it can be overwhelming and so it is natural to pretend that the house is fine the way it is and tell yourself that viewers will see past it.

Why should I spend money on a house I'm selling?

Home staging is an investment aimed at obtaining a higher return when you sell your home.

It is wrong to look at home staging as an expense on your old home.

The evidence shows that, on average, a staged home can achieve a 10% higher price than an unstaged home.

On a £200,000 house that’s £20,000.

Typically, home owners spend 0.5%-1% of the value of their house on home staging. On a £200,000 house that’s £1,000-2000.

How many other opportunities can you think of to spend £2000 now and get £20,000 back, often in a matter of days or weeks?

In addition, you avoid the financial costs, stress, time and worry that is associated with having your property sit on the market for a long period of time.

Staging can avoid all this and let you get on with your future plans and your life.

Will having my home staged change the list price of my home?

It can change the price.

The magnitude of the change depends on a number of factors. For example, what your house looks like now compared to what it looks like after staging.

Also, whether you stage your house before it goes on the market or only decide to stage it after its been on the market for a while and hasn’t sold.

The evidence shows that if a house is staged before being presented to the market, it can achieve a higher price (ranging from 6% -15%) than its non-staged counterparts.

When a house has been sitting on the market for a long time, however, the aim of staging is to make the house sell quickly for a price as close as possible to the asking price. This reflects the fact that buyers tend not to make offers over the asking price when a house has been sitting on the market for months or years.

Jennifer Anderson staged a house earlier this year at a cost of £5,000 (including fees, new carpets, painting and rental furnishings).

The agent had originally planned to list the home for £225,000. When he viewed it again after the staging, he increased the list price to £240,000 (that’s a £15,000 increase in the list price).

The house attracted multiple offers and sold within days at £247,500. That’s an increase of £22,500 after investing only £5,000 (and of course there is no guarantee that the house would have sold at £225,000 without the staging work).

The project took two weeks to complete from consultation to completion.

Your house is likely to be your single largest investment.

You know from friends and family that there is money in property but most of us don’t have the income to invest in second and third houses.

Why would you not take this opportunity to make your major asset look as appealing as possible?

Read the evidence for yourself – staging works!

How much does Home Staging Cost?

The cost of the home staging project depends on a number of factors, for example:

* the current type, size and condition of your home;

* the price range of your home;

* whether your house is furnished or unfurnished;

* how much of the work (e.g. de-cluttering) you are willing to do yourself once you have the home stager’s advice;

* whether tradesmen are required (e.g. painters).

Limelight House can advise on how any given budget should be spent to maximise the appeal of your property.

There are some areas, for example, where transformational effects can be achieved with relatively small amounts of money and others which can be expensive but not dramatically change people’s perceptions about the house. Staging focuses on the former.

Our clients normally ask for advice on the amount that should be spent to maximise the appeal of the property.

This depends on the location, size and price of your home and the expected return on your investment. Typically, home staging projects range between 0.5% and 1% of the realistic market value of the house.

If your home is already furnished, you may be able to stage it for £250 – £800 depending on the experience of the home stager and how much needs to be done.

The important thing to remember is that you are making the investment with the aim of making a potentially significant financial return, either in terms of pure financial gain or the avoided financial (and emotional) costs of your property sitting on the market for a long period of time.

How do I prepare for a Home Stager's visit?

You don’t need to do anything.

A home staging professional is able to look past clutter and any other problems.

Should I contact a Home Stager before I call an estate agent?

Ideally, you should have your home perfectly presented before you arrange estate agents.

This will ensure that the estate agents who value your house are seeing it at its best. It will also ensure that it is photographed in its best light.

This is critical especially in today’s market where over 90% of properties sold are marketed online. It is the online photographs of your house that your target buyers will be looking at to decide whether or not to view.

If, however, your house is already on the market and for one reason or another it hasn’t sold, then you will be contacting a home stager after you’ve hired your estate agent. That doesn’t matter as the stager will recommend the changes required to make your property more marketable. It’s just easier and can save a lot of unnecessary stress, effort and time that is often involved in marketing a property which is not properly presented.

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