What’s involved in a Home staging consultation?

This involves staging adviser, Jennifer Anderson visiting you at your home for a minimum of two hours.

The visit will include:

Discussion of your target buyer

Thiink of your house as a product which you are packaging so that it looks as appealing as possible to your target buyers.

Your target market will be determined by the property’s price range, location and configuration and will influence all recommendations, staging adviser Jennifer Anderson makes.

For example, if the house is most likely to attract families, she will stage/style with this buyer in mind.

Discussion of any action required to improve the property’s kerb appeal

This is key as it will determine the buyer’s first impression of your home.

Many cases are reported where buyers do not go ahead with pre-arranged viewings because they have been put off by various factors on arrival outside the house and have already made the decision not to buy.

Kerb appeal includes anything from replacing your welcome mat to tidying up the garden.

Detailed room by room review of what needs to be done to make your home more appealing to the target buyer.

This could include: decluttering, rearranging existing furniture (you may well have the right furniture but in the wrong place), getting rid of some items (e.g. by storing, donating, throwing out), small repairs, painting (including specific colour recommendations), addition of furniture, soft furnishings/accessories (which may be borrowed, rented or purchased).

A plan listing the actions to be taken.

This can either be prepared during the course of the consultation and reviewed/prioritised at the end of the consultation or a more detailed home staging report can be prepared and sent to you after the meeting.

Discussion of who will implement the recommended actions

You may prefer to implement the recommendations yourself (which saves money) or you may prefer the team at Limelight House to handle them for you.

Either option or a combination is completely acceptable.

For example, you may decide you will handle the decluttering and re-arrange the existing furniture on your own (according to the specific advice given on placement) and that you want Jennifer to buy the right accessories for your home and provide you with a full day of hands on staging to dress the rooms in the way suggested during the consultation so that they are perfectly presented for your estate agent to take the marketing photographs.

How much will a Home Consultation it cost?

The cost of a home consultation will depend on the size of your house and whether you want a mini-home staging report (presented at the end of the consultation) or a full staging report (sent to you after the consultation).

The average cost of a home consultation is £250.00.

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