If you’re looking to be a winner in the game of selling your house, your best investment may be an hour with Jennifer Anderson.

Jennifer is an economist by profession and founder of Limelight House, the first home staging company in the North West (now UK wide).

Great Advice

She dispenses advice to people on how to present their properties to make them sell faster and for more money.

The results can be highly profitable. After implementing Jennifer’s suggestions, a couple in Preston sold their house for £12,000 over the asking price of £225,000. Jennifer Anderson’s consultation fee “was the best £250 they ever spent”, says the couple’s estate agent.

A little bit of magic helps

Then there’s the magic that Jennifer worked in a traditional house in Lytham St Annes earlier this year.

To maximise the home’s appeal to a wide set of prospective buyers, Jennifer advised the owners to declutter, re-paint, replace carpets and strategically re-arrange the furniture.

In this case, Jennifer arranged all the trades and services and spent a day staging the house immediately prior to the estate agent taking photographs.

The owners spent £3,200 and their house sold for £22,000 more than they had bought it for just 10 months earlier in a virtually identical housing market.

Hire a professional Home Stager

With reports like these spreading through the housing sector in the UK, it is no surprise that a growing number of sellers are hiring professional home stagers.

Home Staging isn’t just about increasing the amount buyers are prepared to pay for your house, it can also make a huge difference in the time it takes you to sell your house.

‘The prospect of showing our house for weeks and the time, stress and worry that goes along with that, was horrifying to us’…

says Katie Morton, the mother of two children and a part time lawyer whose husband is also in the same profession.

‘We wanted a quick sale and a friend recommended Jennifer Anderson. She put superfluous items into storage, had the carpets cleaned, moved furniture around the house and shopped for new duvets, bathroom towels and other stylish accessories that we could use again in our new home.

She also purchased and arranged flowers for showings and did dozens of other things that made the house looked planned and designed”.

She quite literally transformed the house in two days, recalls Morton. The total bill was £1,350 and the house sold in its first week on the market.

Looking back, Morton reflects

‘…a lot of people would resist staging because it requires you to depersonalise and spend money on a house you are leaving. But it helped us to think that we had bought a new home and were now just custodians of our old house. Our objective was to sell it quickly and get on with our new lives and that is exactly what we achieved.’

Why Staging Works

Most buyers can’t visualise

Only 10% of house buyers can look past outdated, dis-organised and cluttered rooms.

Staging ensures buyers are presented with an “ideal” environment and not disheartened by things that are very easy to change.

First impressions count

Over 90% of buyers in the UK search for their new home online and select properties to view from the photographs presented.

Well presented properties stand out, creating the right first impression and a desire/ excitement to view.

Home buyers buy with emotion

Although buyers start their property search with logic (i.e. location, number of rooms, distance to work/school etc.) they buy with emotion and know in an instant “this is the one”.

Increasing demand

The huge audience for TV home makeover shows reflects the increasing interest and demand for perfectly presented homes.

The combination of property and property styling has real money making power – don’t underestimate it.

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